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Spread kindness and positivity to our communities. We know that we can make a difference by sharing our stories of resilience.

After spending years in prison, Brian vowed to transform his life. His wife, Dara, has also encountered obstacles as a young teen mother and knows the significance of resilience and fortitude. They work together to motivate others to adopt a positive outlook and strive for personal development.


  • resides in SW WA
  • 5 fur children
  • 5 Children
  • 7 grandchildren


We are Dara & Brian Hearold

Helping Middle School and High School students build resilience, withstand adversity, and create positive ripples in their lives by owning their choices.

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What We Do


Dara and Brian Hearold, the authors of Life Doesn’t Have to be a Sentence: Choose Your Hard reside in SW Washington. They are two unlikely people that found love despite their differing backgrounds. Both believe that change is possible when you work hard, believe in yourself, and never give up.


They speak to youths about their life experiences, share personal stories about choices and provide valuable content that engages their audience in recognizing how behaviors and choices impact everyone around them and making better decisions will create a better path forward.

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My wife and I wrote this book because we believe I have a powerful story to share with you. I want to share my story so that you can understand the full consequences of poor choices. There were poor choices in my youth, leading to spending 23 years in prison. Also want you to know you can always make a better choice, no matter your circumstances. Taking full responsibility for my poor decisions and choices make me proof of this!

During the time I have been out, I have worked my way into a promising career; I met the love of my life who does not judge me and loves me unconditionally. All this would not be possible without a conscious decision to make good choices in my life. I need you to understand that you have options, and maybe by hearing my story, I will be able to impact your lives positively. You are known I was you; Belieth is in you. I also think that you are capable of making better choices and decisions, and your lives will get so much better.

Brian Hearold


What People Say

“ I commend them for making a positive difference in numerous people's lives.”

Melissa R.
Teacher Reno, NV


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